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Sell Your Camera to Used Camera Buyer in 3 Easy Steps


If you have an old digital camera or lens that you are looking to get rid of and could do with some extra cash but aren't sure where to start, then Used Camera Buyer have the answer.


Here at Used Camera Buyer, we work hard to get you a good price for your old camera. Based in the UK, we offer a fast, efficient and reliable service to ensure you a speedy payout based on realistic prices. Undertaking regular market research, we guarantee that we can provide you with an excellent quote based on the current market value.


At Used Camera Buyer, we are conscious of the environmental impact we have, and will always do our upmost to ensure that when you make the decision to take part in our camera trade in, your old camera will be remarketed, recycled and re-used so that damage to the environment is kept to an absolute minimum.


Simply complete the form and we will provide you with a quote within 2 hours. We will then give you an order number and postage instructions before emailing you with a freepost address.


Once we have received and inspected your camera we will transfer the payment straight into your bank account by Paypal, BACS transfer or send you a cheque - it's that simple! At Used Camera Buyer we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and value for money and promoting environmental sustainability - making you cash and saving the planet!