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Sell Camcorders & Video cameras for cash

We are the UK's only dedicated buyer of camcorders and video cameras for cash.


We buy old, new and even professional/broadcasting models.


Sell you camcorder for cash now. Get a free quote now.

Why Sell my Camcorder?

Do you buy Professional or Broadcasting Camcorders?

Which Camcorders do you buy?

Why sell to Used Camera Buyer?

Can I sell Accessories/Equipment for Professional or Broadcasting Cameras?

Maybe you've got a camcorder you don't use anymore or purchased a new one or even if your camcorder is faulty you can sell it for cash.


Why leave cash locked up in assets when you can use it elsewhere. Get a quote now to see if you would like to sell your camcorder.

  • Old or New Camcorders - no age limit. We'll buy camcorders New and Sealed in the box

  • Tape camcorders such as digital 8, hi8, mini dv, HDV

  • Analogue or digital formats

  • Hard disk, SD card, Flash camcorders

  • High end Semi-professional/Prosumer models URGENTLY WANTED

  • Professional Models, Including Broadcasting models URGENTLY WANTED

  • We are the Uk's only specilist buyers of camcorders

  • Best prices paid

  • Immediate same day payment by bank transfer and Paypal. Cheque payments also offered

  • Collection and cash payment for High Value camcorders and Broadcasting equipment

  • Yes, we are sepcially looking to buy professional and braodcasting camcorders.


  • Whether old or new, we will buy your professional equipment now


  • We offer a cash on collection service for those cameras which are of higher value.

Yes, we also buy accessories, recorders, lenses, microphones, monitors etc for professional models.


Please get in touch and request a quote for a valuation.