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About US -  Who Is Used Camera Buyer

Here are Used Camera we will buy your cameras, camcorders and lenses for cash. We are UK based business in Halifax, West Yorkshire and aim to provide a hassle free and swift way to release the equity from your old or unused cameras and accessories.


We have been in the photography retail business for over 20 years and have decided to offer our services to the online community where we can buy your cameras and photography kit. This allows us to provide our service to a much larger audience of people who enjoy cameras and photography.

We are photographers catering for photographers

What do we do with the cameras we buy?

We buy used and second hand cameras, camcorders and lenses. We provide a service for you to sell your unwanted photography equipment for the best prices and providing you with a swift and hassle free sale.


We do not sell cameras so have no interest in benefitting from buying your cameras and then selling them on like other companies



We are passionate about recylcing and reusing cameras. See more about recycling your cameras and camcorders for cash